SongStone Ocarinas

SongStone Ocarinas

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    Songstone ocarinas are beautiful musical instruments that can be worn like a pendant. They areeasy to play and have a great sound. Each ocarina is handmade by the renowned, John Langley inEngland. They are decorated with a Celtic motif permanently stamped into the clay. Then a ceramicglaze is applied to the surface and kiln fired to a high gloss. The tuning is excellent Langley reallyknows how to make ocarinas.

    Included with each ocarina are a gift box, a fingering chart with two songs, and a pendant cord.Songstones make a great musical gift for that musical someone on your gift list. They are the ultimatein portable instruments. When worn about the neck, they are always ready to play at a moment’snotice.

    They are tuned in the Key of C, the lowest note is middle C on the piano and remember buy twothey are small.